Alright, so you wanted to live on a farm in Africa.

Without the complications of buying one.

Well this is it. Freedom – your ticket to sanity.

Experience the full circle of life.

A rapport with animals, both wild and domestic.


This farm is situated in the true Bushveld, a vast area north

of the Soutpansberg and Blouberg to the Limpopo river.

Dense with a huge variety of only indigenous bush

and trees ranked supreme by the Baobab tree. Wild

animals still occur here naturally; the likes of leopard,

cheetah, hyena, jackal, bat eared foxes, serval, caracal,

civets, genets, porcupines, aardvark, pangolin, warthog,

bush pig, kudu, impala, waterbuck, duiker, klipspringer,

steenbok, baboons vervet monkeys and still truly wild.

They are there because they have always been there

and want to be there, not because a fence holds them in.

As much this is a place to be - to just be - no pretences.

The sweet grass of this area is also a national treasure.

It actually comes about because of a relatively low rainfall

so the soil is not leached out and the grass subsequently

high in nutrients. It is strictly a no burn area.

Here is where the best free range beef is produced.

Probably as healthy as wild salmon - if not more.

This is our A HUNDRED ANGELS philosophy

A naturalist view that the kindest thing

to do with the land is as little as possible.

In essence, this is a land ethic understood

intuitively that nature can be harvested

without being ravaged. A rapport with

animals both wild and domestic.

A new pride of accomplishment.

Discovering with delight that there

is real value - aesthetic, spiritual,

social and healthful.


What can you do? - Well, as little or as much as you like.

We have an aeroplane that has very low engine noise

specially suited for viewing. With a bit of our guidance –

walk wherever you want. Or we will go with you and

teach you all the finer details of nature.

We can introduce you to the various shooting disciplines.

From modern to muzzle loaders.

Or you can sit quietly in the veld and just observe –

either the game/birds/insects - the view from a koppie

over the vastness of the Bushveld.

Sit with the cattle when they come to drink,

smell their sweet breath as they introduce themselves.

Being amongst these huge beef cattle is so calming.

Go and collect wood on the mule cart -

our lead free vehicle - the wood is of a very hard variety

which imparts a magnificent flavour to the meat we braai.

For the more adventurous take a tent and backpack

and go and sleep wherever you want.

Get it - whatever you want - Enough said.

Sabbatical Stay’s - Please don’t write a book about the area. It might become
                                              overrun with tourists like Provence and Tuscany.

   Gap Year Stay’s - Goodness gracious you are going to have fun !

    Time Out Stay’s - Yes there is peace on earth.

         Pit Stop Stay’s - Ok the world needs you ?

Stay’s are negotiable

intolerable fools are not.